A bunch of brave

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We aren't salesmen

The goal of a salesman is to make as much money as possible. Our goal is to do efficient and appealing marketing. If our goal was just to make money, we would be doing marketing hell of a lot differently. For us money isn't a goal but an indicator of work done well. Hippie? In fact not, but the lifeblood of a marketing partnership that drives results:

  • We don't sell if we wouldn't buy - why would we, if we don't see any possibilities for results?

  • The customer isn't right - is the customer's request the most effective way to get to the goals? If not, we say it.

  • Everything that can be measured, measure it, analyze it and learn from it - money is a measurement.

How do we do it?

We have three different partnership models: "fix it all at once" (projects), "if necessary" (we help when there is a need for it) and "goals and results", which is basically a marketing partnership that aims systematically towards the strategic goals of a company.

Who and where?

Tovari is an almost 20 employee team. Everyone has their own know-how and field - which together with the marketing tower make a whole set. Our headquarters are located in Joensuu and Pori, Finland, but we have customers outside of Finland too.






1Familiarize yourself with the foundation - the core of what you do.

Why and how are you doing what you do? What are your values? What are your goals?

2Get to know the most important audiences.

Tho whom does your work matter? What are the people like and in what kind of surroundings do they live? What are their interests?

3Specify the external feelings.

What do you look and sound like to the public?

4Be encountered, visible and discoverable.

Where do your audience find the relevant information they need?

Where do they make their purchase decision?

Where are you present and how do you serve your customers?

Where can you reach your audience?

5Create stories.

The purpose of communication and stories is to show the company's values, speak to the audience and convey desired feelings. Stories come out in meeting points: customer service, visible channels and in places, where a customer can experience the company.

The base of everything we do