New functions in Yandex Direct

First of all, what is Yandex? Yandex is the market leader of the Russian search (engine) markets with over 50% share. Google is sitting at 45% while the remaining 5% is shared by all the rest of the search engines. 114 millions of people are using Yandex Search in Russia every month.

Yandex has Yandex Direct, which is an advertising platform that businesses use to place contextual ads. Advertising in this system with proper configuration will bring customers and reduce the number of random, non-targeted users and it increases sales.

Like any other platforms, Yandex Direct has constant updates. Let’s take a look at the main and recent ones.

1. Banner above the suggestions in the Yandex search bar. It appears in the search results for the query. For example, when a user types in the search bar “Pizza delivery”, the suggestions firstly will show an ad with an offer to search “Pizza Papa Johns in Moscow, PROMOCODE: bomb”. Based on statistics it brings additional +5% of traffic. Due to this feature, Yandex has shortened the client’s path to the desired solution by one step, and this became a new breakthrough technology.

2. Promotional video. In videoeditor it’s possible now to upload videos and make any kind of changes: effects, text, audio. The video should last from 15 to 60 seconds.

3. Payment for conversions in Yandex Direct. In other words it is a payment for the result. The maximum cost for the target conversion is 5000₽ (approx 55 euro), set by the advertiser. Each campaign should have one goal.

Yandex Direct has constant updates with effective marketing tools that help to attract more targeted customers to the company. This advertising system should be taken into consideration for those businesses that are operating with Russian market.