Is your website interesting?


The importance of using professional images on your website.

Would you prefer to drive a Lada or a Lamborghini? Now, what if both cars had the same engine and technology? Would you really choose the Lada? Probably not.
You see, humans are facinated by appearance...the Lamborghini is visually striking, colourful, bold, artistic and beautiful, whereas, lets face it, the Lada is visually tired and uninteresting.

Ok, so not all of us can afford a Lamborghini, but if you have decided to invest in a new website for your business or to update to your existing website, then wouldn’t you want it to get the same attention as that Lamborghini gets driving down a busy street?

Whether you are selling a product, a service or simply writing a blog, you need that visual stimuli, you want the user to recognize and remember you or your product. Most of us never read through a website word for word and this is because the human brain interprets images 60 000x faster than words, reading long paragraphs, the brain can get distracted or just bored and the information will flow in, but will be forgotten just as quickly, this is why good, clean professional photographs or graphics are essential in reinforcing your product, making it more memorable and giving it an idendity.
(The previous sentence in an excellent example of this)

Never compromise on the photographs for your website!

Blvk, Lamborghini Centenario at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Geneva
charlie cars, Lada Riva 1200 S

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